/The research project

The research project

SCOLIO-SEE is a software and hardware system that, for the first time, will combine the data obtained by both radiographic and surface topography techniques; this matching between internal and external deformation will permit monitoring spine curvature evolution after treatment by analyzing only surface changes, reducing the number of radiographs needed to a level that it is not harmful for the patients. Additionally, a software module will be developed to compare the 3D images taken for each individual patient in two successive visits, to show the 3D-changes occurred in the whole back surface occurred in this time interval.
Four important research organisations will develop the Scoliosee research project and other four companies will guide the researchers to achieve the best results on the research. From their side, researchers will provide SMEs with valuable intellectual property generated during the project research.

Scoliosee is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the ‘Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union’. One million euro is the total amount of public funding that will be support initial private investment.
Scoliosee belongs to the Capacities wide programme and particularly to the specific programme ‘Research for the Benefit of SMEs’. The public funding is focused on the creation of a “3D Image Processing System for helping physicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of scoliosis”.

Starting Date: October 2012.

Expected Duration: 2.5 years.